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Running From Riverview: Chapter 1.4

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The fire had everyone one edge, we had all realized how much worse it could have been… The morning after, Harris called out of work to watch Jillian. They gave me the day off to do whatever, so that he could get some more bonding in with their youngest. Jen spent the morning with Jill, but had to go to some meetings. My mom slept in that day, my dad said she barely slept all night until 4 in the morning. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I hung out with him and watched games that he had recorded.

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As much as he had wanted me to be sports crazy, I never was. I found my mind wandering to about 700 different place… The Sim City Plumbobs were just not holding my attention. Outside was a gorgeous, warm September day and I was not about to let it go to waste.

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Harris had Jill outside playing, so I figured he wouldn’t mind if I left for a bit. I had a plan in mind… I had seen something in the newspaper that had really caught my eye. I started off on a walk to the other side of town to put my plan in action.

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I got to my destination an introduced myself to Loraine Cantina. It had been her number next to the listing.

“I’m guessing you’re here because of the ad? I had no idea I’d have such a big turn  out because of it! You’re just in time though, there’s been a lot of interest and well, they went fast. There’s one left.. Not exactly the highest quality, but you can go see for yourself. But come inside, first.”

I followed her inside her well decorated home and there it was. The most perfect thing I had ever laid eyes on.

“Like I said, this ones no award winner…..” She started.

I’m not concerned. It’ll be perfect. How much?” I asked.

She laughed and shook her head. “You really want it, huh? Well in that case, I don’t want anything. All yours!”

I was shocked. She was a pretty well known seller. I would have never thought she’d be giving her product away for free… But I didn’t ask questions, I just reached to down to grab the bundle of pure happiness….

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“Your name is Nugget, and you’re gonna be so well loved.” I told the adorable little pup. He was the runt and didn’t quite live up to his perfect purebred siblings, but I loved him already. I knew Jill would too. Hopefully, Nora would.. but you never with her. She can be pretty uptight for a kid.

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I scooped up Nugget and we went back home. I was going to have to sneak him in at first.. there was no way that Queen Jenelle would approve of a lowly canine in her palace. But if the kids loved him, how could she say no?

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Loraine watched us go, she had been happy that even the runt of her latest litter had found a happy home.

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I slipped the dog under my shirt and got him upstairs into Nora’s room. I knew that her reaction would be the most important to Jen. Ironically, she was dressed up as a princess… Hopefully that didn’t man she was going to act like a mini Queen Jenelle. Hoping for the best, I set Nugget down quietly behind her.

“Hey, Nora.. I have a surprise for you….”

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Well.. That was easy. I gave her instructions to keep him quiet and feed him that night. I had walked him and let him do his business on the way over, so he wouldn’t need a walk until tomorrow when Jen left for work. We could break it to her when she got home. I left them so that they could play. As I left, I heard her tell Nugget that he was going to be a good and fearless knight and that they would adventure together. Nora on an adventure? I must have been hearing things.. She had always been so quiet and timid. Maybe there was still hope for her to have fun.

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I spent the rest of the day light on a walk around town . I made sure to circle Current and the park that I taken Eriel to. Out of naive hope, I had sort of thought that maybe I would see him. He still hadn’t called… I should have taken his number down. But he probably wouldn’t have picked up if this was how we was being. He was probably at home, in his home town, (which I was now realizing he had never told me which one… ) maybe even with another girl. Was I stupid to believe that there had been something? Was I so desperate for something new that I grabbed the first thing that I found? Probably. But I checked my messages again anyway, hoping that this time there would be one from him.

There wasn’t.

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By the time I got home, Nora was fast asleep, and Nugget was still quiet in her room. He was a great dog already. Harris and Jen must have put Jill to sleep already, because the whole house was totally quiet.

 Talk about a rainy ending to a nice day off. But at least I still had my family, and now a new dog. It was time for me to start being grateful. I’d be sleeping with only good thoughts in my head that night.

(Yikes, sorry for the delay! I’m updating in some wonderful sleet and rain this from my phone while I’m waiting for a bus to the gym… But it’s gotta get done! 1.5 will be out in a few hours too, it’s time for me to be dedicated to his legacy!)


Running from Riverview: Kohler Legacy 1.3

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The school bus pulled away right as I got to the house. Shit. I wasn’t there to get the girls dressed or make breakfast… Jenelle was going to be furious. I could pretty much feel the anger from outside…. I hoped for the best and headed in to the war zone.

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“I HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO SHOWER OR GET DRESSED AND NOW I’M LATE, AYLA! Do you even think about other people? Do you care at all?!” She screamed. I just sort of stood there and took it. I was wrong for not coming home sooner, but this was the first time I’d even slightly messed up while I had lived there… She was being a psycho. And for someone who was in such a rush, she really stood around looking all angry an whatnot for quite a long time. I had to walk away, because the whole time that I was being yelled at, I was just thinking of my night and smiling. I couldn’t wait for Ariel to call. He was exactly the kind of person I wanted to be with in a place like this. Meeting him may have been the luckiest I’ve ever been.

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I spent the whole day outside with Jill. She was getting older too fast. In 2 days, she’d be aging up and I wanted to get as much quality time with her as I could. I traded the crumple clothes that I’d spent the night in for my sweats so that we could play in the yard. I loved Jillie more than anyone else. She was silly and smart in her own little toddler way, even if she did have a tendency to chew on strange things. It was the day before Nora’s birthday too, but everyone was just waiting for that. She’d always been much more mature than other kids, and she was excited to have the responsibility of a teenager.

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When I headed inside for lunch, my mom came up to me and asked me what happened. Normally I would have said something vague but today I was too excited for that. I giggled like a teenager and gossiped with my mom for a little. I realized that it had been a long time since I spent much time with my parents, even though we lived together.

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My mom listened to my whole story and then decided she would tell me something. She pulled out her wallet and tucked in one of the picture holders (because everyone knows old people have picture holders in their wallets), was a picture of her and her friends when she was in her late teens or early 20’s. “That’s me right there, with the long hair. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But that boy over on he other side was Freddy. He was my first love! I met him on that beach at a bonfire after we graduated. Sounds just like how you met that young man last night. That boy stole my heart faster than I could have stopped it. But we were young then, and he signed up for the Army and lost touch. It happened to lots of us back then, but sometimes I still wonder… I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything, but I know exactly how you’re feeling!”

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My mom never talked about her past with me, so it really meant a lot that she shared that with me. But it really did make me feel worse about not spending time with her. I made a mental note in my head to go out for lunch with her and my dad soon.

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After Jenelle and Harris came home from work and went upstairs to finish off what they brought home, I waited for Nora to get home from her after school program, because even though we live across the street, she still takes a bus home. She came home with a permission slip to go on a tour of the local mausoleum. It seemed a little morbid to me, but she was surprisingly excited. We started to head into the house when we heard a very loud scream…

3 (16)

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We ran in to find the stove was on fire! The whole family was gathered around the flaming stove freaking out. Harris swore that he had turned it off, but clearly something had gone wrong. I was just glad that Jillian was upstairs for her nap.

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Nora was really freaking out, she was too frightened to leave, so she stayed with the rest of us while we freaked out and waited for the fire department.

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My mom and I watched in terror as a huge burst of flame came from the stove…

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But luckily, Harris was to the rescue. He had found the fire extinguisher and put the fire out before that stupid red truck even showed up and told us to “be more careful”. How about they be more prompt?

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The lack of stove meant that I was making grilled hot dogs for dinner. They ended up more charred than I had hoped… The thrill of last night had been wearing off pretty quickly. He hadn’t called yet, but then again, it only had been one day…..

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No one had brought in the paper that day, so I grabbed it on my way in. I had some ideas to cheer people up, myself included. I spotted 2 ads in the paper and circled them for the next day. I had a huge surprise that I knew the girls would love.

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That night we were all pretty shaken up from the fire and happy that everyone made it through, but the girl were not sleeping alone. The moms in the house stayed by their sides all through the night.

  (This was a short one, but there’s one coming soon! So stay tuned for 1.4!)

Running from Riverview: Kohler Legacy 1.2

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I walked in to Current at around 8:30. It sounds way to early to go to club, but in Riverview nothing stays open after 11. It’s some outdated weird town law. As soon as I walk though the door, I realized how empty it was. I wasn’t expecting much from a Sunday night, but this was pathetic. Read the rest of this entry »

Running from Riverview: Kohler Legacy 1.1

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Just another day in Riverview, I woke up thinking. There were still 10 minutes left until my alarm would go off, but I was wide awake. It was the start of another normal day, in another normal town. Read the rest of this entry »