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I have been so unmotivated this week. I’m sorry!  I’m still not really sure if anyone read my last chapter , and right I’m playing around with University. It’s super addictive! I’ll really try to get at least 1 chapter up by the weekend!!

This is a rambling.

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Does anyone else constantly wonder who the person behind the simmer is? I do. Like all the time. On tumblr/ forums/ wordpress, I look at the little sim icons and I wonder what the real person looks like and if they hide the fact that they sim and would we be friends in RL and are they good in English class and do they make their sims look them or look like what they want to look like and do they have an annoying laugh? Never stops crossing my mind. I’m weird. But I feel like I can’t be alone thinking some this… right? I mean there’s this whole glamor behind the sims. You can play anyone you want, you give them a life and a face and you sometimes really start to get attached. But what does that say about you? Clearly, I have been doing my homework in Educational Psychology. My brain is ‘sploding with rambles tonight.



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that was a squeal of total excitement. guess who has the best mom ever? THIS GIRL! Not only did she get me hooked on the original Sims at the ripe age of 5 years old. she just bought me University!!! best mom evaaarrrrr